The MA-1 (nicknamed Micky because of the resemblance between the shoulder-mounted stabilizers and the famous cartoon character, Mickey Mouse's ears.) is the UPIG's response to the growing threat of flying Maelstrom-infected creatures. Micky is equipped with four thrusters, (two mounted on the thighs, two mounted on the mech's back) two shoulder-mounted stabilizers, two thigh-mounted rudders, a 6-barrel minigun, a highly energized dual-bladed plasma sword, and (on average) 8 inches of good ol' fashioned steel plating. Most of the green glowing portions on the MA-1 are the weak points in the armor which are protected by an energy field. To drive the mech, the pilot puts on a suit covered in sensors that instantly feed information to Micky's motors. This enables the pilot to guide the MA-1 with their movements.

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